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SurLakta is the education portal of the country, catering to thousands of students in shaping their careers, by providing correct, sufficient, and authentic information in one pool. It is an educational hub that provides information on Academic Courses, Entrance examinations, and Top colleges with their complete Admission process.

An Overview

  • Share your campaign with a large no. of students community
  • Thousands of students visit monthly
  • Thousands of Career Queries
  • Large Social Media Fans & Blog Followers

Academics Domains Covered

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Management
  • Vocational

Benefits & Supports

  • Access to millions of students
  • Dedicated Team to Provide Advertising Assistance
  • Custom Social Media posts
  • Limited Advertisers to Maximise Your Yield

Unique Advertising Model

  1. Banner Ads/sponsored Ranking/Custom Content
  2. Inquiry Based/Lead-Based Campaign
  3. All in One Ad campaign (covers both 1 & 2)

Advertising Campaign

  • Complete Online Process
  • After payment, your Ad will be activated within 24 working hrs.
  • Complete Advertising Report on a monthly basis
  • Dedicated member for Technical Assistance

Our Assurance

  • Best Advertising Model in the Industry
  • Fully Transparent Process